The snapping of turtles

I happen to have a great fondness for turtles, as they seem so elegant and peaceful and wise. On a beautiful spring day like today, it’s important to stop and appreciate the small things in life, like the flowers popping up everywhere with their seductive brightness and fragrance, the heavy rains watering our parched soils, the warm breezes… and turtles.

Below are a few photos of the campus turtles I took over my lunch break.

That’s all… no recipe or description of a wild adventure today. Just turtles.

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2 Responses to The snapping of turtles

  1. Sue R says:

    I love me some turtles too! They are cool. Totally agree with you. Stop and smell the flowers or better yetenjoy the turtles. :)

  2. Lynn says:

    We are always stopping and rescuing them off the roadways! :)

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