Survival resources

Whenever you bring up food storage or survival classes, the conversation inevitably turns to “so you’re preparing for the apocalypse?”

Sure, if it happens, we’ll be ready. But there are other things to prepare for, such as:

  • power outages from thunderstorms
  • flash flooding/tornado/hurricane/other natural disaster
  • snow/ice storm
  • losing a job
  • car accident or illness requiring hospitalization
  • water main break
  • train derailment
  • flu or other virus outbreak
  • political unrest/renegade sports fans
  • asteroid crashing into the earth

Sometimes all you need is a backup source of light/power or food and water for a day or two. Sometimes you might need more. In a few scenarios you might actually have to grab your belongings/bug out bag and leave your home for a period of time.

Below are just a few websites that offer good tips, products or other resources to help you better prepare for the little and big things that could happen at any time. By no means is this exhaustive, but it should be enough to get you started.

Information and education:

  • The Human Path – classes in San Antonio and Austin on primitive and urban survival, herbology, permaculture, homesteading
  • The Survival Podcast – a weekday hour-long podcast (without any crazy wingnut ranting!) covering every possible survival topic imaginable from herbal remedies to firearms to financial security. Also has a great informational forum. Also offers a handy reading list.
  • AR-15 forums – information on survival topics, hunting, firearms, gardening and household


Sustainable living, gardening and herbology:



  • REI – sporting goods, camping equipment and lots of gear useful in a survival situation
  • Cheaper than Dirt – a source for inexpensive gear, weapons, ammo


Survival blogs:



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