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Zombies invade Nicaragua fundraiser event

bicycle maintenanceA small group of herbology and primitive engineering students from The Human Path and the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine will be joining the non-profit organization Missions of Grace to travel to remote communities in Nicaragua in November 2012. In Nicaragua, in partnership with local communities, we will be participating in health care clinics along with working on projects such as water treatment.

To offset the significant costs of such a trip (which is currently being financed by the individual students with support from the schools we attend), we held the first of several fundraisers on June 23, 2012, in Liberty Hill, Texas.

At our recent event, the students participating in the trip along with many of our friends, taught classes on everything from friction fires to bicycle repair, soap making to beer brewing. We also had workshops on homesteading, bug-out bags, edible and medicinal plants, kombucha brewing, aquaponics and intuitive archery.

It was a great day and we met a lot of wonderful people who came out to learn a variety of new skills and show support for our efforts.

zombie hunterAnd of course there were zombies. We don’t seem to be able to do anything without zombies!

This time, however, we came prepared with our own anti-zombie task force leader! 🙂



I encourage you to visit the Missions of Grace website for more information on our trip. If you can, all of the students – and even more, the people of Nicaragua – would appreciate your support. In addition to travel costs, we need to raise a lot of funds for supplies to bring with us. All donations are welcome and tax-deductible!.


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