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My garden and my legacy

A woman with an idea. That was me in November, 2009. At the University of Texas at Austin, they had launched a new platform to solicit feedback and ideas from the University community. On the day it launched, I happened to walk by two large raised beds, filled with flowers that were being dug up… Continue reading My garden and my legacy


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Austin plant walk with the Wildflower School

Carla and Stephanie, teachers at the Austin-based Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine, led our eager group on an early evening plant walk in the Muller Development in East Austin. I’ve posted the brief comments they made about each plant, to the best of my ability. Please note that many of these plants have fantastic medicinal… Continue reading Austin plant walk with the Wildflower School

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Eight reasons not to mow my lawn

With all the rain that drought-stricken Austin has experienced lately, my lawn has gone kind of crazy with green growth. In addition to the weedy grass that inevitably grows there, I have a great herbal pharmacy and salad bar. So far the following plants have graciously popped up in my front yard: Dandelion Milk Thistle… Continue reading Eight reasons not to mow my lawn

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From hoof to sausage: processing a wild hog from start to finish

A million uses for pig fat. Well, maybe there aren’t so many. But it was an interesting discussion as part of The Human Path’s recent day-long class on processing large game taught by wildlife biologist Greg Pleasant. In the class, we learned how to humanely kill, bleed out, quarter, butcher, and render an entire wild… Continue reading From hoof to sausage: processing a wild hog from start to finish

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Once you climb a mountain, it’s all downhill from there

Guadalupe Peak. At 8,751 feet it’s the highest point in Texas, about 3000 foot elevation gain over 4.2 miles from the base. And it was my destination this past weekend. Climbing a mountain wasn’t ever anything I thought I could do. In fact, had you asked me even a year ago if I could envision… Continue reading Once you climb a mountain, it’s all downhill from there

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Hark: what goes there? Or, my first tracking class

Out of the primordial ooze it crawled… …or maybe just out of the pond at The Human Path quarry. Take your pick! In the first of a series of animal tracking classes, Sam Coffman took us through three different aspects of tracking. At the beginning of the day he focused on awareness exercises. We first… Continue reading Hark: what goes there? Or, my first tracking class

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Bastrop State Park update

For those wanting an update on Bastrop State Park, Todd McClanahan, the Park Superintendent for the Lost Pines Complex (Bastrop & Buescer State Parks) sent out an message today. An update on damages: Thus far, all buildings within Bastrop State Park, including CCC cabins, refectory, bathhouse, swimming pool, pro shop, picnic shelter, warehouse and sign… Continue reading Bastrop State Park update

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Mind your beeswax

Getting up close and personal with several thousand honeybees… it’s a pretty good way to spend a Saturday morning. Round Rock Honey offers introductory beekeeping classes that allow you to learn the basics of raising the buzzy insects and producing your own honey. This past week I got the chance to visit their operation and… Continue reading Mind your beeswax