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Zombies invade Nicaragua fundraiser event

A small group of herbology and primitive engineering students from The Human Path and the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine will be joining the non-profit organization Missions of Grace to travel to remote communities in Nicaragua in November 2012. In Nicaragua, in partnership with local communities, we will be participating in health care clinics along… Continue reading Zombies invade Nicaragua fundraiser event

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Austin plant walk with the Wildflower School

Carla and Stephanie, teachers at the Austin-based Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine, led our eager group on an early evening plant walk in the Muller Development in East Austin. I’ve posted the brief comments they made about each plant, to the best of my ability. Please note that many of these plants have fantastic medicinal… Continue reading Austin plant walk with the Wildflower School

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Eight reasons not to mow my lawn

With all the rain that drought-stricken Austin has experienced lately, my lawn has gone kind of crazy with green growth. In addition to the weedy grass that inevitably grows there, I have a great herbal pharmacy and salad bar. So far the following plants have graciously popped up in my front yard: Dandelion Milk Thistle… Continue reading Eight reasons not to mow my lawn

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Wilderness First Aid Certification class

Sucking chest wounds. Blisters. Altitude Mountain Sickness. Spider bites. Evacuation techniques. Sprained ankles. These are just of a long list of ailments and injuries I learned how to treat in my Wilderness First Aid Certification class this past weekend. As any first aid knowledge, the skills I learned will come in handy at any time,… Continue reading Wilderness First Aid Certification class


Herbal first-aid kit: tinctures & herbal tidbits

Garlic socks, nosebleed remedies and male/female stress formulas. These are just a few of the interesting topics we discussed in our most recent herbology class taught by Sam Coffman of The Human Path. First, our class concocted three different herbal tinctures. One is a cold and flu remedy; the other two are male and female… Continue reading Herbal first-aid kit: tinctures & herbal tidbits