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How to make kombucha

What is kombucha? An effervescent fermented tea made from regular black/green tea, sugar and the starter culture, also known as the Scoby. What is that alien-looking thing and why do I want it in my tea? Scoby is actually an acronym for “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast”. The bacteria is Acetobacter (a genus of acetic… Continue reading How to make kombucha

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Zombies invade Nicaragua fundraiser event

A small group of herbology and primitive engineering students from The Human Path and the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine will be joining the non-profit organization Missions of Grace to travel to remote communities in Nicaragua in November 2012. In Nicaragua, in partnership with local communities, we will be participating in health care clinics along… Continue reading Zombies invade Nicaragua fundraiser event

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Austin plant walk with the Wildflower School

Carla and Stephanie, teachers at the Austin-based Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine, led our eager group on an early evening plant walk in the Muller Development in East Austin. I’ve posted the brief comments they made about each plant, to the best of my ability. Please note that many of these plants have fantastic medicinal… Continue reading Austin plant walk with the Wildflower School

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Big Brother is watching… me?

I just got a tip on Facebook from a fellow blogger (Save Our Skills) that the Department of Homeland Security is checking up on prepper-type blogs. According to, the FBI has been visiting sites and even tracking users. They note that the FBI “surreptitiously collected the IP addresses of [their] site visitors. In all,… Continue reading Big Brother is watching… me?