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Mind your beeswax

Getting up close and personal with several thousand honeybees… it’s a pretty good way to spend a Saturday morning. Round Rock Honey offers introductory beekeeping classes that allow you to learn the basics of raising the buzzy insects and producing your own honey. This past week I got the chance to visit their operation and… Continue reading Mind your beeswax

Coexisting with nature · Homesteading · Primitive/wilderness skills · Sustainable food

Your goose (and rabbit) are cooked

It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. On Saturday, in part three of The Human Path’s Hunter-Gatherer class, we learned how to kill, field dress and cook a goose and a rabbit. Yes, we learned how to kill animals for food. It was anything but easy. As anyone knows, I’m a huge… Continue reading Your goose (and rabbit) are cooked