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Mind your beeswax

Getting up close and personal with several thousand honeybees… it’s a pretty good way to spend a Saturday morning. Round Rock Honey offers introductory beekeeping classes that allow you to learn the basics of raising the buzzy insects and producing your own honey. This past week I got the chance to visit their operation and… Continue reading Mind your beeswax

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Your goose (and rabbit) are cooked

It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. On Saturday, in part three of The Human Path’s Hunter-Gatherer class, we learned how to kill, field dress and cook a goose and a rabbit. Yes, we learned how to kill animals for food. It was anything but easy. As anyone knows, I’m a huge… Continue reading Your goose (and rabbit) are cooked

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What’s so sacred about lawns?

Modern American society needs to stop worshipping at the altars of St. Augustine and St. Bermuda. I can’t think of anything else besides lawn grasses that we humans grow that requires as much labor, fertilizer, fuel, water and space, and yet produces nothing useful. We spend millions of dollars as a society to make sure… Continue reading What’s so sacred about lawns?

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Long-term food storage & zombie prevention

Ever gone to the grocery store just before a hurricane/ice storm/heavy snowfall, or after a serious thunderstorm? If so, you may recall how little milk, bread, and other basic items were left on the shelves. Planning for extreme weather or natural disasters, or even an invasion of zombies, are all great reasons to build up… Continue reading Long-term food storage & zombie prevention


Herbal first-aid kit: tinctures & herbal tidbits

Garlic socks, nosebleed remedies and male/female stress formulas. These are just a few of the interesting topics we discussed in our most recent herbology class taught by Sam Coffman of The Human Path. First, our class concocted three different herbal tinctures. One is a cold and flu remedy; the other two are male and female… Continue reading Herbal first-aid kit: tinctures & herbal tidbits