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Dilbert the prepper

Dilbert’s a geek AND a prepper!

In the following Dilbert comic strip, which I found out about on The Survival Podcast and then found online via Survival and Prosperity we learn that our favorite office geek Dilbert has been prepping like a lot of the rest of us: Dilbert comic stripWhat’s worth considering is that a lot of people are like Alice, the triangle-haired woman. In fact, many preppers are familiar with this concept: that some consider guns to be all one needs to be prepared for a disaster. To wit: a quick google search turned up just this sentiment from someone called “gun guy” who says:

I don’t need to prepare for such emergencies. Instead I just make note of everyone I meet that are anti gun people. Then in the event of an emergency, I’ll just go to their house with my gun and take their stuff. The only thing I need to stock up on is ammo.

Unfortunately, as we’ve seen time and time again, while many people act with kindness and determination in the face of natural disasters or other difficuties, the chaos that inbues these events also brings out the worst in some people. And even in good times, there are bullies everywhere. So let this comic strip serve as a warning, or a reminder, to those of us who store food, water or other preparations: while we may be willing to share as needed, we also need to be prepared, one way or another, to defend our homes and our resources from those who aren’t inclined to share our own preps with us. But you also have to wonder if Alice really knows about all of Dilbert’s preps….


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