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Zombies invade Nicaragua fundraiser event

A small group of herbology and primitive engineering students from The Human Path and the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine will be joining the non-profit organization Missions of Grace to travel to remote communities in Nicaragua in November 2012. In Nicaragua, in partnership with local communities, we will be participating in health care clinics along… Continue reading Zombies invade Nicaragua fundraiser event

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(Barely) Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

San Antonio was under quarantine, with a serious virus infecting the city. News reports indicate it was spreading rapidly. News sources indicated that the virus caused those infected to first develop red spots on their necks; soon afterwards, they began to act irrationally, move slowly and awkwardly. Their skin would become pale and break out… Continue reading (Barely) Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

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Once you climb a mountain, it’s all downhill from there

Guadalupe Peak. At 8,751 feet it’s the highest point in Texas, about 3000 foot elevation gain over 4.2 miles from the base. And it was my destination this past weekend. Climbing a mountain wasn’t ever anything I thought I could do. In fact, had you asked me even a year ago if I could envision… Continue reading Once you climb a mountain, it’s all downhill from there

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Hark: what goes there? Or, my first tracking class

Out of the primordial ooze it crawled… …or maybe just out of the pond at The Human Path quarry. Take your pick! In the first of a series of animal tracking classes, Sam Coffman took us through three different aspects of tracking. At the beginning of the day he focused on awareness exercises. We first… Continue reading Hark: what goes there? Or, my first tracking class

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Wilderness First Aid Certification class

Sucking chest wounds. Blisters. Altitude Mountain Sickness. Spider bites. Evacuation techniques. Sprained ankles. These are just of a long list of ailments and injuries I learned how to treat in my Wilderness First Aid Certification class this past weekend. As any first aid knowledge, the skills I learned will come in handy at any time,… Continue reading Wilderness First Aid Certification class

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Your goose (and rabbit) are cooked

It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. On Saturday, in part three of The Human Path’s Hunter-Gatherer class, we learned how to kill, field dress and cook a goose and a rabbit. Yes, we learned how to kill animals for food. It was anything but easy. As anyone knows, I’m a huge… Continue reading Your goose (and rabbit) are cooked

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We need to stop pissing off Mother Nature

Mother Nature knows what we’re doing, and she’s not happy. As readers of this blog will know, this summer I’ve taken classes covering everything from learning wilderness survival skills to investigating my spirituality to understanding the principles of permaculture. All of these classes have a common goal: they teach those of us who live in… Continue reading We need to stop pissing off Mother Nature

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Fish heads, fish heads…

We just finished our second Hunter-Gatherer weekend class taught by Sam Coffman of The Human Path. This time our class was primarily devoted to primitive fishing techniques. Having survived the previous weekend on nothing to eat for a day and a half other than grasshoppers and roasted prickly pear cactus, the group of 10 hunter-gatherers… Continue reading Fish heads, fish heads…