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Eight reasons not to mow my lawn

With all the rain that drought-stricken Austin has experienced lately, my lawn has gone kind of crazy with green growth. In addition to the weedy grass that inevitably grows there, I have a great herbal pharmacy and salad bar. So far the following plants have graciously popped up in my front yard: Dandelion Milk Thistle… Continue reading Eight reasons not to mow my lawn

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Mmmm… the world’s best meatballs!

One important aspect of “survival” and self-sufficiency is being able to cook tasty food that is both inexpensive and simple to prepare. Recently I was going through a bit of ‘food fatigue’ where my usual dinner fare just wasn’t exciting me, and I found myself wanting to pick up BBQ or something on the way… Continue reading Mmmm… the world’s best meatballs!

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Grainy indoor yogurt

Usually, yogurt making is fool-proof. This week I made nine pints of yogurt using my food dehydrator, since the outdoor daytime temperatures aren’t anywhere near 100°, which is necessary for porchgurt. I have an Excalibur 4 tray dehydrator like the one in the image here. I take out the trays and there’s just enough space… Continue reading Grainy indoor yogurt

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There are no “get out of jail free cards” in life

In the board game Monopoly you can erase all penalties for criminal behavior with a simple card that lets you get out of jail free. Wouldn’t it be great if real life worked the same way? Every so often as you went about your daily business, you’d get a free pass that you could use… Continue reading There are no “get out of jail free cards” in life

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Detergent-free household

I did it. As of this week, I have no detergents in my regular cleaning lineup. Instead, I am using a combination of natural soaps and other products. Laundry detergent:  Dr. Bronner’s Citrus Castile Liquid Soap, borax and washing soda. Shampoo: Kiss My Face Olive Oil Bar Soap (I was using “shampoo bars” but discovered… Continue reading Detergent-free household