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Big Brother is watching… me?

big brother is watching youI just got a tip on Facebook from a fellow blogger (Save Our Skills) that the Department of Homeland Security is checking up on prepper-type blogs.

According to, the FBI has been visiting sites and even tracking users. They note that the FBI “surreptitiously collected the IP addresses of [their] site visitors. In all, 4,906 of 35,494 selected connections ended up going to or through the FBI servers.”

Since the news broke, other sites have been checking their logs only to find federal agencies visiting their blogs, often quite regularly. Off Grid Survival reported that it has had over 1000 visits from Homeland Security.

Since I heard this from Save Our Skills, which reports also having Homeland Security visits, I thought I’d give my own analytics a looksie.

Sure enough, the feds have dropped by, though only a handful of times (hey, this is a small blog compared to others… give me time!). I also saw visits from the EPA, the US Government Accountability Office, and various city, county and state governmental offices.

Am I worried? Nah. I’m just glad they dropped by. If I can help our federal government prepare for natural disasters or other calamities by teaching them how to make soap or render fat, that’s fantastic!

If you want to check your site (assuming you have Google Analytics installed; you can check your server logs if you don’t):

On the left side of your Google Analytics dashboard, go to Audience > Technology > Network. You can add City as a secondary dimension. And then just browse the networks people are using to visit your site.


One thought on “Big Brother is watching… me?

  1. Thanks for including instructions on how to check for the clueless among us. šŸ˜‰

    Thus far, I am clear of obvious “Peeping Sams”.

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