Primitive/wilderness skills

Do not bring food

Which is more difficult – killing a rabbit or eating bugs? This is a question I will be able to answer after the upcoming weekend (June 25-26), when I will be taking part in the first of three Hunter-Gatherer weekend classes taught by Sam Coffman of The Human Path.   Our packing list:

  1. 1 Knife
  2. 1 Water Container (for drinking out of for yourself)
  3. Something small you can boil water in, backpacking pot, for instance
  4. Cordage – preferably paracord, or a mix – about 20-30 feet
  5. Poncho
  6. Poncho liner or blanket. If you don’t have either that will work, you can bring a light sleeping bag or bivy bag.
  7. Something to carry all of it in
  8. One set of clothes that is multi-use.

And the admonition: “No food allowed. Do not bring food.” We will be making our own shelters, purifying our own water, and learning about edible plants, insects, and primitive hunting and fishing skills. And from what I can gather, we will be eating only the food we can somehow procure during our time out in the woods. Once upon a time I would never have dreamt that I’d be doing this. Even as I face the countdown to Friday night, I’m still uncertain what the hell I’m doing.


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