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The Survival Podcast

This will be a quick post, but I’m very proud to have had the opportunity to redesign the website for one of my favorite survival/prepping resources, and I wanted to announce that here and give that site a little plug.

The Survival Podcast logo The Survival Podcast is a daily (Monday-Friday) hour-long original podcast produced by Jack Spirko. He’s been doing the podcast for about three years and talks about everything from food storage to permaculture to self-defense. Unlike some people out there who rant and rave about the government or spout off doom and gloom conspiracy theories, Jack comes across as passionate but also very rational and well-educated, and always is very respectful to the people who come on his show as well as to his listeners.

Anyway, I happened to be in the right place at the right time, and got the job redesigning his site (it’s a custom theme to get around some technical issues he had with his previous one). At the beginning of today’s podcast Jack announced the new website, and was very generous in his compliments on my work (and gave my freelance business a great plug on the show) so I wanted to give him a shout-out in return.

If you like the topics I’ve been writing about so far in this blog (a few of which were directly inspired by Jack’s shows), or you’re just curious to learn more about this whole concept of preparedness/self-reliance/survival, check out The Survival Podcast. Some of my favorite shows have been on things that might not immediately come to mind when you think about “survival,” such as cooking, herbal medicine and gardening, and his money-saving shows have already put quite a bit of the green stuff back in my pockets.

And if you like what you hear, consider joining his Member Support Brigade. It’s really worth your time and pennies to support people like Jack – independent website and podcast producers who take the time to research their subjects and bring so much valuable information to the public.

Oh and of course, check out his website, designed by yours truly.


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