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THP Skills Fair & BBQ on July 2nd

Fun classes. Native plant identification. Bug-out bags. Archery and bow making. Skills competitions with prizes. BBQ. Swimming.

And it’s all free!

Come out to The Human Path’s free “Skills Day” in the Austin area on July 2nd from 11am-5pm.This is a chance to meet and talk with the instructors at The Human Path and learn a few skills while hanging out at a beautiful location with a great river to swim in. Plus there’s food, drink and a chance to win some prizes.

Short classes will be given and we’ll have some friendly competitions as well as a drawing with prizes (survival knives, axes, machetes, t-shirts, sweatshirts, bugout backpacks and bags).


1040 County Road 279 (aka Bagdad Rd.) Liberty Hill, TX (map)

Tentative schedule:

  • Permaculture & Sustainable resources (windmill generators, aquaponics and other demos) (ongoing all day) with Paul Range and Gloria Haswell
  • Possibly there will be some stick-fighting demos with Rudy Salazar and one or more of his senior students throughout the day
  • Bugout bag class and power-foods discussion (11:30 AM) – one or more of the following: Scott Schoner, Vickie Honeycutt, Paul Range, Gloria Haswell
  • BBQ food and drink (Starting around noon and ongoing until around 3 PM – donations appreciated)
  • Plant identification walk (12:30 PM) Sam Coffman
  • Intuitive archery & primitive bowmaking (1:15 PM) Jason Shrader and/or Sam Coffman
  • Trade Blanket (2 PM) – Paul Range and Gloria Haswell
  • Brief overview of the planned basic & advanced classes, scenarios, survival and scouting expeditions and more coming up in fall of 2011 and all of 2012 (3 PM) – Sam Coffman
  • *Throwing stick competition (3:30 PM)
  • *Plant ID Competition (3:30 PM)
  • *Primitive archery competition (4 PM)
  • *Animal Track ID Competition (4 PM)
  • Ticket Drawing (4:30 PM)

Important Links:

RSVP link (as well as a list of what to bring)


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